Laser Nail Fungus Removal FAQs

Laser Nail Fungus Removal Portland

Q: How does laser treatment for toenail fungus work?
A: Our device uses a special laser light that passes through the nail, to target the fungus that lives inside and under the nail. Because the laser beam is so small, it does not damage the surrounding nail or skin.

Q: What can I expect before treatment?
A: We will first meet with you for a consultation to evaluate your condition, explain treatment and discuss follow-up visits or at home care.

Q: Is laser treatment for toenail fungus painful?
A: The procedure is virtually painless, some patients report feeling a warm or pinprick type sensation.

Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: Most laser treatment for toenail fungus is complete in about 30-60 minutes.

Q: What is the recovery period?
A: There is no recovery time, some patients may experience swelling or redness after treatment, but most symptoms only last a brief period of time.

Q: What is the cost of toenail fungus laser treatment?
A: The price depends on your condition, we offer no interest and low interest financing through Care Credit as well as payment by cash, check or credit card.
Because it is considered an aesthetic treatment, health insurance does not cover toenail fungus laser treatment. However, you can use an HSA, Medical IRA or Flexible Spending account to pay for your treatment. Laser Nail Fungus Removal Portland.