Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Q: How does laser hair removal Portland work?
A: Laser hair removal uses a gentle pulse of laser energy to target and destroy the hair follicle.

Q: Is laser hair removal permanent?
A: Yes. Laser hair removal is permanent. Hair grows in three phases: anagen (growth phase), catagen (regression phase), and telogen (resting phase).
Laser hair removal is only effective during the growth phase. Since hair grows in different phases, it is important to have multiple laser treatments to effectively and permanently remove unwanted hair.

Q: Am I a viable candidate for laser hair removal Portland?
A: Anyone with unwanted hair is a candidate for laser hair removal. Our laser hair removal technology is safe for all skin types including dark or tanned skin and can be applied to all areas of the body.

Q: Does laser hair removal hurt?
A: Laser hair removal causes minimal discomfort. Most patients describe laser hair removal treatment as feeling similar to the snap of a rubber band. You may experience slight redness or localized swelling immediately following laser hair removal Portland treatment. These side effects generally subside within 24 hours after treatment.

Q: How many laser hair removal treatments are required?
A: The number of laser hair removal treatments will vary based on your skin tone, hair color and other factors. Most patients see results after 4 – 6 laser hair removal treatments.
During your laser hair removal consultation, we will discuss variables that may affect your individual results.

Q: How much does laser hair removal cost?
A: Laser hair removal cost will vary based on the number of treatments you need. We offer competitive laser hair removal Portland prices and frequently run laser hair removal specials.
Be sure to ask about our pricing and specials when you schedule your laser hair removal consultation.