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Cheap Laser Tattoo Removal Portland

Oregon Aesthetics is the premier destination for expert laser tattoo removal. Our laser specialists have extensive experience removing all types of tattoos from virtually anywhere on the body and on all types of skin.  ​Our new state of-the-art Laser Q-Plus C removes all ink colors. We are truly a one-stop facility for laser tattoo removal for all colors. We previously utilized the Medlite C6 but have now upgraded to the new Quanta Q-Plus C. It is a more powerful laser while also gentler on the skin, and the latest technological advancement in complete tattoo removal Portland..


Laser tattoo removal is safe and most treatments are completed in 30 minutes or less. To effectively remove tattoos, multiple treatments may be needed. Our specialists will meet with you prior to treatment for a skin analysis.


Oregon Aesthetics offers the most competitive laser tattoo removal prices in the Portland area. We also offer no interest and low interest financing through Care Credit. For more information about laser tattoo removal costs and financing options, contact Oregon Aesthetics at 503-387-3105. Cheap Laser Tattoo Removal Portland


Oregon Aesthetics uses state-of-the-art technology for tattoo removal. Our laser, the Quanta Q Plus C is the most advance medical laser used specifically for laser tattoo removal. The device is equipped with three wavelengths of light to remove most colors on the spectrum for complete and permanent tattoo removal.

Who said a tattoo had to be forever? Contact Oregon Aesthetics, serving the Portland, OR area to learn more about laser tattoo removal and to schedule your free consultation.
Cheap Laser Tattoo Removal Portland for you!


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