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I suffered for six years with toenail fungus. It started on one little toe and gradually spread to seven more toes. I tried everything that I read online to try to rid myself of this painful and ugly condition but nothing worked and the fungus on each nail worsened. I had read about laser treatments but no one in Portland area was practicing this treatment. Finally I heard about Oregon Aesthetics from my doctor who had several patients who had success with eliminating them toenail fungus at Oregon Aesthetics. The technician who performed the treatments was very thorough + knowledgeable about the condition and what I needed to do at home in between treatments to help the success of the treatment. I was skeptical at first that it wouldn’t work but a couple weeks after the first treatment I started to see a little improvement. My nails kept improving after each treatment and by the summer I was wearing sandals and I didn’t have to hide my hideous toenails. I’m so happy to be rid of the painful condition and grateful to Oregon Aesthetics+ my technician, Kimberly for a job well done!??

K.K., Portland, OR 9/17/2014

Several months ago I had Dr. Bespaly perform lipo on my neck area. Once it healed up I came back and had Lana do 4 Treatments to get rid of the loose skin and wrinkly areas. Together they have given me a newer slimmer profile and I am happy. (My husband even says I don’t snore anymore and calls me “Pretty Lady” again. like when I was younger.

J.A., PDX 9/2/2014

I was surprised about how quickly I saw less hair growth! The esthetician was knowledgeable and friendly.

K.P., 7/14/2014

Unfortunately I’ve had a career change that requires no visible tattoos. Initially I wasn’t so sure about going here, only because there weren’t any reviews and because it is lasering not for the faint of heart. After answering all my questions I decided to go ahead with the procedure. Although it was very painful they did a great job. It was quick and the tattoos are already considerably lighter, and seem to get lighter by the day. I’m looking forward to my next sessions. Its a bit expensive but i have no scarring and good results…you get what you pay for. I would recommend this place to other people looking for tattoo removal.

Katrina F. , Portland, OR 5/22/2014

I have had 2 tattoo removal treatments so far on 2 different tattoos and i am so happy with the results! They faded so much just after 1 treatment. I am also very satisfied with their hours. They are open on some selected Fridays which works great for me because that is the only day I have off from my job. The staff is great about scheduling in advance and changing appointments if necessary. I would recommend Oregon Tattoo Removal to anyone who got a tattoo and now wants it removed!

R. Renee, 2/19/2014

Went in for a treatment on part of my arm sleeve today. The staff was very easy going and professional, I will be back to clear a clean slate on my arm, Also a very nice clean and easy to find facility. I would recommend to anyone in search of lifting some ink!

Jeff T. , Astoria, OR 12/19/2013

Great Service! I saw outstanding results. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Anonymous, 12/16/2013

I’m having an India Ink tattoo removed and it’s going as well as I could’ve hoped. Most of it was gone as soon as I took off the bandage. Also, the aftercare instructions seem to be based on the worst-case scenario: I didn’t get any blisters or scabs, just a little bruising that healed in about three days. Setting the appointment was easy, the procedure itself only took a minute, the staff was totally professional — I would recommend.

Z.R., 12/11/2013

This is where to get your tattoo removed for sure! The place is super clean and professional. I wish they were open on the weekend, but other than that there is seriously nothing to complain about here. Thank you!!

A.H., 12/2/2013